Our team of experienced drug developers and company builders partner with a new generation of passionate, business-minded scientists to foster each therapeutic program from discovery through clinical trials.

board members

Neil Kumar

Andrew Lo

Randy Scott

Brent Saunders

Fred Hassan

Ronald Daniels

James Momtazee

Jennifer Cook

Eric Aguiar

Charles Homcy

Richard Scheller

Ali Satvat

Andrea Ellis

Douglas Dachille

Hannah Valantine


Neil Kumar

Brian Stephenson

Uma Sinha

Charles Homcy

Frank McCormick

Richard Scheller

Michael Henderson

Cameron Turtle

Yi Ching Yau

Matt Outten

BridgeBio is committed to developing leaders as well as drugs. We are looking for individuals whose passion for creating life-changing medicines will inspire hands-on engagement and the dogged pursuit of novel solutions in the face of adversity.

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